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Red Herring

'The fish is in the darkness'

red herring reversed siren collage

The Red Herring is a discharge of Melancholia. It flows along the dark fluids right from the SPLEEN.

pencil drawing of a reversed siren hybrid

A kind of Red Herring | pencil on plywood

Red Herring is also a strategy of confusion. They do (not) exist- as a false trail; a clue or piece of information which is intended to be misleading or distracting.

When Red Herring helps you to translate from English to Polish then you learn that the SPLEEN is ŚLEDZIONA in Polish. And when you try to translate it back to English you discover that ŚLEDZ means HERRING and ONA means SHE.

hunting scene twisted bob ross style landscape

Red Herring confusing the hunters | oil on canvas

The hunters used Red Herrings to train their dogs to identify the scent of prey.
Applying confusion as a training method. What if they get confused themselves?

Traces of Red Herring in cultural heritage

pen drawing of a red herring hybrid tarot card

Red Herring Tarot Card | ink pen on paper

...from water to land.

earth painting of a reversed siren

Clay painting - more about EARTH