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Whale Ring

Concept and design of the sun glasses for O-Six- Thema Optical srl. Italian family factory.
Whale Ring project exhibited at Palazzo Mora in Venice
The Whale Ring project was one of the six winning pieces and was exhibited at Palazzo Mora in Venice in May 2017.
The glasses are now avaialble as a limited edition of O-six for Art Collection.
woodworms inspired sunglasses frame design woodworms inspired sunglasses frame design
woodworms inspired sunglasses frame design woodworms inspired sunglasses frame design

Concept and a story...

frottage drawing of a whale who swallows a coffee ring

The ideas come from the stomach of a wooden whale who is about to swallow a coffee ring.

The whale was born in Taipei when I was sunset gazing by the ocean. His body was conceived by an unintended frottage technique which was a result of a close encounter between a pencil, paper and an aged wooden table.

The whale marries two substances: coffee with wood. Looking for more evidence? Let’s do the Rorschach test to verify it...

So, what do we see here? In order to perceive it one has to look and to imagine simultaneously.

rorschach test with coffee

But how to do both at the same time? Tristan Tzara would advise to close one eye and look inside and leave the other eye opened to see what's around. And then, enjoy the mix!

pan on paper drawing

What comes out from the fusion of the two realities is called 'a vision'. It is a space 'in-between' where the random and the logical are not the opposites, and where the casual and the designed are united.

Wooden Whale knows it from the art of woodworms.

Woodworms created his first tatoo.They are exceptionally skilled abstract artists who have perfectly understood that the beauty has a strong positive impact on wellbeing of an individual. They also demonstrate a particular sensibility for maintaining the neverending life spin. One can say that they keep their circle closed thanks to their inborn virtue of fairness towards the nature- what they have consumed they will give back in return. They also help to deal with one of the most uncomfortable issues of the contemporary times- the waste.

glasses project pan and color pencil drawing wooden frame glasses project


Concept and design of the glasses commisioned by the Moi Aussi Art Gallery

Wonder glasses design project for Moi Aussi Art Gallery

Wonder emerges from the aesthetics of the grotesque – which, apart from its stylistic features like deformation, carnivalesque exaggeration and weirdness, was a means of expressing resistance against dominant notions of power.

Its form rather overtly evokes the female reproduction system. Throughout history, it has been subjected to all sorts of manipulations, misappropriation and abuse. This trend has long been sowed the seeds of false and at times offensive ideas about women in general. A prominent theory that contributed to consolidating these kinds of beliefs was the concept of the "wandering womb" – the source of ‘female hysteria’. Wonder, in its hyperbolic manner, wanders the womb all the way up to one's face – and demonstrates the urgency to question the series of convictions that have defined social roles imposed on women.

The choice of wool as a principal material brings up the cultural associations of this medium with domestic crafts, which used to be the only creative field allowed for women. The consequences of being patronised and pushed to the margins are real and material and have long-term effects. By focussing the lens on the carnal reality, Wonder calls one to own it and to say clearly: ‘My body, my choice’.

Wonder glasses design project made of pink and red wool thread Wonder glasses design project made of pink and red wool thread Wonder glasses design project made of pink and red wool thread